Exploratory model for estimating occupation-day costs associated to Hospital Related Infections based on data from national prevalence project: IRAS Brasil Project

Carlos RV Kiffer, Gabriel Trova Cuba, Carlos MCB Fortaleza, Maria Clara Padoveze, Antonio CC Pignatari


The study established a model for estimating cost for hospitalization-day by hospital units, based on data obtained from a national transversal surveillance multicenter panel conducted on 11 institutions to establish health-care related infections (HAI) prevalence. The data from the surveillance panel used to compose the model were: percent of hospitalized patients and percent of HAI per category; and data obtained from literature were: hospitalization cost in intensive care units and in general units. The model used scenarios and estimated total hospitalization costs for all patients and mean costs per patient, with and without HAI. It was possible to conclude that the day cost per HAI patient was 55.0% superior compared to patients without HAI, with 12.0% of HAI patients being responsible for 18.0% of daily hospitalization costs, fundamentally due to specific hospital units usage patterns.

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