Erythema Induratum of Bazin: report of an uncommon case of tuberculosis

Alba Angélica Nunes Mouta, Francisco Eduardo Paiva Silva e Silva, Leandro Souza Silva, Augusto César Beltrão da Silva, Camila Maila Fontinele Beltrão, Ilvanete Tavares Beltrao, Fernando Aguiar Luz, Renata Paula Lima Beltrão


Tuberculosis is an endemic infectious disease in Brazil, and its most common form of presentation is the pulmonary form; however, there are several other less frequent forms of presentation that end up having a more difficult diagnosis. Cutaneous forms, for example, represent about 1-2% of extra-pulmonary occurrences. As Brazil has high rates of tuberculosis, it is necessary that health professionals are aware of less frequent forms of the disease. We present a clinical case of a 32-years-old female patient with an unusual form of cutaneous tuberculosis, Erythema Induratum of Bazin.


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