Cross-sectional study of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients in a public hospital complex in Curitiba (PR), Brazil

Luiza Manfroi Lattmann, Arthur Nathan Luiz Ferreira Matos, Sthefany Mais, Matheus Niehues Militão, Fernando Werner Kasemodel, Bernardo Olsson, Maria Esther Graf, Rafaela Scariot, Somaia Reda


BACKGROUND: The pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) stems from a virus capable of causing severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). The understanding of this new disease demands epidemiological data. To determine the epidemiological profile of SARS and confirmed COVID-19 patients in a public hospital complex.

METHODS: Three-month cross-sectional study at a public hospital complex in Curitiba (PR, Brazil). It was included SARS tested patients using nasopharyngeal swab for COVID-19 laboratory diagnosis. Age-range (by quartiles), sex, forwarding, city of origin, hospitalization and evolution (discharge or death) were analyzed. An alpha of 5% was considered statistically significant.

RESULTS: 741 SARS patients were included. The predominant age-range was 37 to 50 years (26.6%), 57.1% was female, 57.9% were forwarded and 81.1% were from Curitiba. The confirmed-COVID-19 patients predominant age-range was 51 to 66 years. Men and forwarded patients had greater risk of presenting the disease being prevalence ratio (PR) 1.38 (1.05-1.81 / 95% confidence interval (CI)) and PR 2.11 (1.51-2.93 / 95% CI) times, respectively. The confirmed-COVID-19 hospitalized patients prevalent age-range was 54 to 67 years. Men and forwarded patients had higher risk of hospitalization being PR 1.18 (95% CI = 1.04-1.33) and PR 2.17 (95% CI = 1.54-3.04) times, respectively. The confirmed discharged patients predominant age-range was 17 to 41 years and of those who died was 68 to 96 years. 

DISCUSSION: COVID-19 is more prevalent in elderly, men and forwarded patients. This profile is also associated with higher risk of hospitalization. Age-range is associated with evolution.

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