Copper as an antimicrobial agent in healthcare: an integrative literature review.

Gleice Cristina Leite, Maria Clara Padoveze


This study is an integrative literature review aiming to identify the potential application of copper surfaces to prevent infections in healthcare assistance. Methods: The descriptive study was conducted by searching the electronic Medline database and the Brazilian Copper Institute website using predefined descriptors. Papers published from 1990 in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian were searched. For each article included in the integrative literature review, previously defined variables were analyzed including the range and the level of antimicrobial action of cooper alloys, types of surfaces to be coated with the greatest potential for application in healthcare, and the potential interactions of copper with products used in healthcare.  Results: The results showed an antimicrobial activity of copper with a significant reduction compared to other metals. Conclusion: Pure copper showed better results, followed by brass alloy with higher copper concentration, showing the need for studies that move further in this direction.

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